Edith Wray of Scrapbooking with Me

Edith Wray loves any type of crafty creations but our first love is teaching others just how easy it is to make creations they thought they could never do. With almost 1000 videos on YouTube, we have inspired thousands over the years to “just create”. Our shop that my husband and I have run for over 12 years is called Scrapbooking With ME. I am a wife to a wonderful man of 44 years, Whitt, who supports me in everything I venture to do. A Mother to two beautiful and creative daughters, and Grandmother to 6 sweet grandchildren. You can find us all over the web from YouTube to Twitter, Facebook to Instagram, and more.

Our social media names are the same everywhere, Scrapbooking With ME, we would love for you to connect with us.

Our Store is www.scrapbookingwithme.com.

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